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Amar Flood


Design, Synthesis and Characterization in

Supramolecular Chemistry

& Self-assembly




March 2023: Check out our latest organic materials on the SMILES Website and the latest Youtube video below


February 2021

SMILES go Nano in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. with Bo Laursen and his team -- check the paper here


December 2020

A nice surprise -- we delighted Chemical & Engineering News




August 2020

Our discovery of the world's brightest fluorescent materials has hit the press & captured cover at Chem



This work was the result of many years of effort and collaboration with a dedicated group of chemists including co-inventor, Bo W. Laursen (University of Copenhagen), Krishnan Raghavachari (IU) and Yoan Simon (University of Southern Mississippi)

And with it came a lot of press and interest that sparked the popular imagination...








May 23, 2019

Chloride-binding cage hits Science -- get the article here


Yun, the lead author, is pictured here holding a 3D printed model of the cage. Read his personal account of the discovery here.

Check IU's press release for the impact on clean water here.

April 2019

Taking baby steps to save the environment from over-fertilization one phosphate at a time in our collaboration with Heather Allen (Ohio State University)



We exploit the technologically relevant environments at aqueous interfaces, akin to remediation membranes, to overcome inherent disadvantages of phosphate recognition in solution.


April 2019

Recognizing the patent awarded on cyanostars (US 9,701,621)
co-inventors Semin Lee (now Assistant Prof at LSU) and Kevin McDonald (now at Nalco)



Left to right: TTO Bill Brizzard, Amar, Vice President for Research at IU Fred Cate


February 2019

Making surprisingly easy work of polymerization with anions



Fun collababoration with Jason Azoulay
(School of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Sourthern Mississippi)

July 2018

Cyanostar Slows Down Anions to Speed up Li+ Ion in Battery Electrolytes



March 2018

Phosphate is pathological linker

Read all about it in our first Chemical Science Edge Article ever
(so we just had to snag the cover art)


December 2017 – Online just in time for Christmas and the New Year

Nat Chem banner

This review article summarizes an NSF-supported Workshop on:
“Accelerating our Understanding of Supramolecular Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions”

We address ongoing challenges on how supramolecular chemistry works in water



– 2017

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