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September 2017

Cover ART and latest work

tour de force on physical organic chemistry to undestand solvation in anion recognition


Publiched in Chem (from Cell Press)


August 2017

See latest effort to make Coulomb turn over in his grave with with phosphate anion-anion dimers (blue); this time with switching in ACIE




June 2017

GRC Chaired and GRS Chaired by Fred Parks on "Artificial Molecular Switches and Motors"
— A nice celebration of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry —






April 2017

See our new JACS with Bo Laursen to tease out hierarchical self-assembly



November 2016

See our new JACS on Extreme Stabilization of Radicals inside Cyanostars



And the nice highlight by Xin Su on ACS site "Cutting Edge Chemistry"


October 2016

See our new ACIE challenging Coulomb and his law with two hydroxanions stabilizing each other...

...better known as "when anions attract"


And lots of nice press: C&EN, Quartz, Spectroscopy Now, NSF, and IU Press Release


New Paper: Redefining "shape persistent macrocycles" with cyanostars examined by MD and DFT


Cyanostars are shape persistent and flexible like hummingbirds hover with a static body and rapidly moving wings

March 2016

Collaboration between Flood, Shulten (UIUC) and Raghavachari:

Liu, Y.; Singharoy, A.; Mayne, C. G.; Sengupta, A.; Raghavachari, K.; Shulten, K.; Flood, A. H., Flexibility Coexists with Shape-Persistence in Cyanostar Macrocycles, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 4843–4851 DOI



January 2016

See our Angewandte Chemie SPOTLIGHT on tricarb

ACIE Spotlight on tricarb


Hot Paper, Cover Art and the Newest Macrocycle "Tricarb" and its Multilayer Self-assembly

December 2015

Collaboration between Flood and Tait



NEW FUNDING -- "DMREF: Multiscale Theory for Designing Hierarchical Organic Materials formed by Self-assembly"

August 2015

Collaboration between Flood (PI), Tait, Ortoleva and Baik


NEW CONFERENCE -- Gordon Research Conference on "Artificial Molecular Switches and Motors"

June 2015

Inaugural conference chaired by Rafal Klajn with Amar as Vice-Chair





NSF WORKSHOP -- "Accelerating our Understanding of Supramolecular Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions"

May 2015



Co-organized with Bruce Gobb, David Mobley and Paul Cremer


HOT PAPER -- Using Biology to teach Chemistry a Trick or Two

June 2015

Macromolecular Crystallography for Synthetic Abiological Molecules: Combining xMDFF and PHENIX for Structure Determination of Cyanostar Macrocycles



Cool collaboration between Klaus Shulten (Molecular Modelling at UIUC), and Adam Zlotnick (Structural Biology at IU)


HONORS -- Congratulations to Amar for being the recipient of Indiana University's Luther Dana Waterman Professoship and promoted to Full Professor

May 2015


GRADUATION -- Congratulations to Group Members Semin Lee and Brandon Hirsch

May 2015


Featured: Semin Lee (Flood Group), Brandon Hirsch (joint Flood-Tait) and Daniel Skomski (Tait Group)


New FUNDING for Tait-Flood Collaboration from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF)

January 2015



New Institute of Advanced Study (IAS, Indiana University) Support for a collaboration with Professor Bo Laursen at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

October 2014


Industry Funded Postdoc -- Welcome Elisa Fatila

April 2014

Thermo Fisher



August 1, 2014

The Flood Group is Celebrating its 100th Paper...

...replete with Cover Art

CS Cover

Anion-induced dimerization of 5-fold symmetric cyanostars
in 3D crystalline solids and 2D self-assembled crystals

Hirsch, B. E. Lee, S.; Qiao, B.; Chen, C.-H.; McDonald, K. P.; Tait, S. L.; Flood, A. H.
Chem. Commun. 2014, 69, 9827–9830. DOI

STm Cyanostar TOC

Media Coverage:
IU Newsroom
Featured by the DOE, Office of Science (August 1, 2014)


• Cover art kindly created by Albert William, IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing
• Many thanks to the lead author, Brandon E. Hirsch, for winning the cover art as a poster prize

Latest Paper -- Printing Molecules in 3D
lets others
SEE, HOLD and SPIN THEM -- see movie below

Chen, T.-H.; Lee, S.; Flood, A. H.; Miljanic, O. S., How to print a crystal structure model in 3D, CrystEngComm 2014, 16, 5488–5493. OPEN ACCESS–DOI

3D Printing

See also the news coverage by: Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) and in Chemistry World


Computer-aided Design (CAD) of Receptor for Bifluoride

Ramabhadran, R. O.; Liu, Y.; Hua, Y.; Ciardi, M.; Flood, A. H.; Raghavachari, K., An Overlooked yet Ubiquitous Fluoride Congenitor: Binding Bifluoride in Triazolophanes using Computer-Aided Design, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 5078–5089. DOI

CAD Bifluoride

Amar Flood as named the
James F. Jackson Associate Professor of Chemistry

(Feb 2014)

Congratulations to Semin Lee named a 2014 Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

Semin will join Jeff Moore's research group in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

(Feb 2014)

Upcoming Events for 2014

Dallas ACS – Talks on (1) Cyanostars, (2) Hydrophobic Collapse in Cl-binding Foldamers,
(3) Anion-driven Switching in 2D Crystals and (4) Tetrazine Switches

FNANO – Chairing Session on Chemically Integrated Systems with talks from Lee Cronin, Linda Shimizi and Jean Chielewski

ISMSC-9 in Shanghai

Telluride Conference on Molecular Switches, Machines and Motors

Congratulations to Semin Lee named a 2014 Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

Semin will join Jeff Moore's research group in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Just Published Online and now Open Access – A New Ligand-based Complex with more Redox States than Expected

Amplifying the Redox Activity of a bis-Tetrazine Pincer Ligand, Dalton. 2014, 43, 6513–6524. DOI
Benson, C. R.; Hui, A. K.; Parimal, K.; Cook, B. J.; Chen, C.-H.; Lord, R. L.; Flood, A. H.; Caulton, K. C.,



Student Highlights from 2013




ISMSC-8 (Arlington, VA), 6 posters from the group, two poster prizes and a DOE travel award
ACS Fall Indianapolis –  12 presentations from the Flood Group (6 posters, 6 orals)
NOBCChE Research Symposium, Indiana University
– Four posters and one poster award
+ others: FNANO, Earnest Campaigne Symp. on Heterocyclic Chem., PINDU


Semin Lee

ISMSC-8 – Conference vote winner, Arlington, VA
NOBCChE Research Symposium, Indiana University

Chris Benson

NOBCChE Research Symposium, Indiana University

Brandon Hirsch (see photo)

Fall ACS, Indianapolis – Colloids Division
ISMSC-8 – Grand Poster Prize Winner (Nature Chemistry and ChemComm), Arlington, VA



Semin Lee

Chester Davis Fellowship in Organic Chemistry (Indiana University)


Kevin McDonald

Congratulations to Kevin McDonald for securing a job in the polymer group at Nalco, an Ecolab Company in Naperville, IL.
Kevin joins one of many graduates from the Flood Group who have been employed in the world of functional materials. Yuran Hua (PhD 2012) is currently working for 3M in Shanghai, Kumar Parimal (PhD 2011) is working for Sabic, Innovative Plastics in Evansville, IN, and Kristy McNitt (MS 2008) is with 3M in Minnesota, MN.



December 2013: Amar is a new member of the Editorial Board for Supramolecular Chemistry



September 2013:

JACS Article showing how abiological foldamers
– in the form of double helices wrapped up around a single Cl anion–
can display hydrophobic collapse in the same way as proteins


Read more: Hua, Y; Liu, Y; Chen, C.-H.; Flood, A. H., Hydrophobic Collapse of Foldamer Capsules Drives Picomolar-Level Chloride Binding in Aqueous Acetonitrile Solutions, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013, 135, 14401–14412. DOI



Conference 2013, July 7–11, Arlington VA

ISMSC banner

Organizers: Lyle Isaacs and Jeffery T. Davis (Univ. of Maryland), Amar H. Flood (Indiana Univ.)


Group Photo at the ISMSC Conference
Arlington, VA, July 7-11, 2013




Chris, Bo, Kevin, Brandon, Yun and Semin
Celebrating at the end of the banquet at the ISMSC



Nat Chem banner

June 16, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS Semin Lee for publication on Cyanostars in Nature Chemistry

Nature Chemistry

Lee, S.; Chen, C.-H.; Flood, A. H., A pentagonal cyanostar macrocycle with cyanostilbene CH donors binds anions and forms dialkylphosphate [3]rotaxanes, Nature Chem. 2013, 5, 704-710. DOI

Media Coverage:

"Macrocycle Stars In Anion-Grabbing Action"


National Science Foundation (NSF)

Iu News Room

The Analytical Scientist (Online Trade Magazine)
"Seeing Cyanostars", Rich Whitworth, 2013, Issue #0813, Sept 12

CS Dimer


June, 2013

Semin Lee for winning a Division of Organic Chemistry Travel Award

Division of Organic Chemistry

This award will be used to attend the National ACS Meeting in Indianapolis. Semin will present two talks on Cyanostars and Photoactive Foldamers


April, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to the Award Winners

Bo Qiao for Excellence in Associate Instruction, Indiana University
Semin Lee for the Charles H. Stammer Award in Organic Chemistry, Indiana University
Patrick Gamache for a Summer Fellowship in Undergraduate Research, Indiana University


February, 2013

Cover Art

JPOC Cover

Lee, S.; Flood, A. H., Photoresponsive receptors for binding and releasing anions (Mini Review), J. Phys. Org. Chem. 2013 26, 79-86. Cover Art DOI